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Aberdeen, New Jersey
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Ava Goryl
#2023: DEF, RS, LS
PA: Phoenixville
5'5" '23
125 A-
Coachable, team player, and aggressive. Aside from strong ball control, setting and defense, I believe my strengths are volleyball IQ, decision making, shot making, competitiveness and will to win.  
Ava Novello
#2023: DEF
NJ: Long Valley
5'6" '23
I am a team player who will always put in 100% effort. I am very determined and positive on and off the court! I also have good court awareness/volleyball IQ.  
Caitlin Cabrales
#2024: DEF, RS, LS
NJ: Westfield
5'7" '24
120 A
Highly motivated, disciplined athlete, passion for the game, coachable. Positive teammate, who remains poised in difficult situations.  
Chloe Wiedman
#2024: DEF, RS, LS
NJ: Westfield
5'6" '24
125 A
Always willing to improve, coachable, aggressive, strong volleyball IQ, and a team player.  
Fiona North
#2023: BLK, SPL
NJ: Westfield
5'10" '23
130 A-
Excited to learn, coachable, versatile, competitive, strong volleyball IQ, and good teammate  
Giuliana Ferraro
#2025: BLK
NJ: Manasquan
5'10" '25
Class of 2025 Beach Volleyball Student Athlete. A player that taps into her strength, overcomes challenges by adapting well in face of adversity. Ability to energize in demanding situations.  
Josephine Kinlan
#2022: BLK, SPL, DEF, LS
NY: Bronx
5'8" '22
137 A+
Coachable, versatile, determined, and hard-working athlete and student. I take initiative in action and voice, and I always seek to learn and change in order to progress.  
Julia Lawrence
#2023: BLK, DEF, RS, LS
NY: Merrick
5'9" '23
133 A-
Passionate, Coachable, Determined, Always Improving My VB IQ. I love volleyball!  
Maddie Wood
#2023: DEF, RS
PA: Glen Mills
5'7" '23
135 A
I have a deep passion for beach volleyball! I know how to compete and win and I am confident in my ability to win at the collegiate level!  
Nina Rakowsky
#2022: DEF, RS, LS
NJ: Bloomfield
5'6" '22
120 A
Coachable and determined to grow as an individual player and teammate- hard worker who aspires to be better and walk away from every practice with a new lesson learned  
Samantha Ostrander
#2022: DEF
NY: Belle Harbor
5'6" '22
115 A
I am a very coachable, determined and aggressive player.  
Sarah Wood
#2026: SPL, RS, LS
PA: Glen Mills
6'1" '26
I am a 6'1 split blocker who loves to play and compete every time I walk on the court. I am driven to get better and want to win!  
Sophia Metzner
#2023: DEF
NJ: Basking Ridge
5'7" '23
Top ranked beach volleyball player in the NE region. Straight A student interested in a top academic university.  
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AVP America East Coast Championships
Nov 27-29 '20
FL: Clearwater
AVP America Junior Nationals Girls
Jul 27-30 '20
NJ: Atlantic City
Gulf Coast Region Beach Fest
May 8-9 '21
AL: Gulf Shores
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